Activities in Day care centers for retirees

Activities in Day care centers for retirees

Day centers for the retiree have varied staffs which allow them to offer very different services and activities. These are medical personnel -doctors, nurses and assistants-, social workers, social workers, physiotherapists, social cultural animators, and monitors of leisure, free time and physical activities. Depending on the center, agreements can be made with associations or other personnel such as podiatrists, cafeteria staff, hairdressers, etc.

Types of activities in the day centers:

The most frequent activities that tend to be in day centers for the retiree can be classified into several groups: Get info on 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans via the site

They cover a range of options ranging from film forums, poetry recitals, exhibitions both foreign and own creations of users of the center, literary and song competitions, visits to museums and other sites of interest, to participation in means of communication even having a print run of newspapers or a small radio stations. However, the most common are lectures on topics that may be of interest to older people: prevention of diseases, advice on healthy living habits, nutrition, or how to live or coexist with different diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.


Here you can find activities that can be called indoor, such as card games, chess, and checkers, or bingo. In addition, there are others such as ballroom dancing, celebrations of parties (April Fair, Christmas), acting in theatrical performances, yoga, or tai-chi, crafts-which contribute to not losing skills like fine motor skills or eye-hand coordination; and cooking workshops, where they usually make baking.

Within the interior:

The active use of computers and the possibilities offered by new technologies are increasingly widespread. There are many blogs of people who tell their experience or give away the wisdom accumulated by so many years lived; others use this resource to learn something new every day, speed up the mind and improve memory; and there are also those who choose to play the games and keep fit. There are also outdoor recreational activities, such as excursions, organized trips, outdoor games such as bowling or gymnastics although it can be indoor, it is preferred to do it in the garden if time permits, hiking, caring for and maintaining a garden, etc.


Occasionally workshops are given in the day centers in which one of the usual activities or in a part of them is studied in depth (for example, only one type of dance, or cooking with a seasonal ingredient). Also, there are specific workshops such as music therapy, laughter therapy, origami, and ballooning, to work memory, to learn relaxation techniques, psychomotricity.